Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Throughout the past week we have been hearing about illegal immigrants from the state of Arizona and how they want to deal with their situation they have within their state. These issues are not only in Arizona but also throughout the country. Another issue is here in Texas. Texas covers a mass majority of Mexico’s border. This has put Texas at risk with illegal immigrants passing over onto American soil. A lot of illegal immigrants are here only to work and strive for a better life. Is this the right thing to let them come and take over jobs in our county or do we just simply ignore this fact. On the other hand several are passing through the borders to sell drugs. I’m all about trying to let people strive for a better life and provide for their families, but not illegally.

The taking of vast majority of jobs from these individuals would make a lot of companies go under. One particular job that stands out to me is landscaping jobs. I’m glad that the borders are building up their border patrols to stop these certain individuals from fleeing into our country. In my opinion, if they do decide to let them stay here and work, let’s get them the right documentation so they can help out on taxes and other things that would benefit our country in doing so.

Comment on Rick Perry

"Fess up, Y’all know Gov’t matters," blog is very interesting in regards to Governor Rick Perry and the people of Texas. In their blog, “Original editorial or commentary #1” they have a valid point in what the state of Texas should really do with Governor Rick Perry. The Republicans have been in office for quite some time now and I believe they should let someone else take over. That someone taking over is a Democrat. Governor Perry has been in office too long and I believe he is getting way to comfortable living in his mansion.
During, “Fess up, Y’all know Gov’t matters blog,” she has a valid point about all Governor Rick Perry has been doing is saying, “NO.” I think maybe once throughout his term he should say, “YES.” If Rick Perry would actually agree with someone or something and not keep denying things all the time, maybe Texas could be doing a lot better than running almost last in every category.
This blog under, Fess up, Y’all know Gov’t matters blog, “was very good opinionated blog. Only time will tell if Governor Rick Perry has the ability to stay in office for another term.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How many times can I vote again?

The question that has been brought up, not only in class but also at the capital with onlookers watching the legislature voting process is how many times can they vote? When Legislature is in session, they are loaded down with work, putting in long days but this is what they signed up for. In class and also on this You Tube video, they show just how many times the Republicans and Democrats are voting for someone else. They talk about voting for their friend who might be a Republican and they are a Democratic and the results don't show what the outcome is. We can't actually see if the votes are yes or no due to the camera angles that change right before they begin to punch the 4-5 voting pads. If I was to suspect that they are actually voting how their friend would want them is 99% wrong. I feel that they are voting for what they feel is right. The video clearly shows some representatives voting 4 times. I don't think this is right. I'm sure if more people were to know about this issue at the capital, more people would push this issue in making things right. The House is the overall lawmaker on pushing these issues.

I feel that they should either lengthen their time at the capital for an addition 2-3 months or set up a structured day for everyone so that all of the Legislature is there voting on what should be voted on, not by what their so called friend just voted on for them. By having this structure, not a minute by minute plan of the day but just a few essential items like, break at 1015, lunch at 1130, this would allow law makers to have time to use the restroom and get back to their seats. It would be nice to see what bills would pass or fail for the right reason. Integrity should be used day in and day out when Legislature is in session.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Should I stay or should I go now?

In this article in the Austin Statesman, the author of this short blog is trying to open up the eyes of the Republicans. What should Kay Bailey Hutchison do? Should she keep on fighting the new Obama Health Care Reform, or should she give up and walk away from it all to spend more time with her family. The letters arrived from the Texas Republicans in Congress wishing Kay Bailey Hutchison stays in Washington DC. Its intended audience is the state of Texas and everyone else that is keeping up on this announcement. Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican who ran against Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, earlier this year in the primaries, shouldn't give up quite yet. The author is trying to make Texas overly concerned about what their state is doing with the reform and how they should feel about it. I think the author took in all considerations and wrote mainly on a broad topic concerning Texas. The press didn't push one sided issues while writing this article. You could look at it a bunch of different ways, one could be is that Kay Bailey Hutchison and Governor Rick Perry, who are both Republicans and maybe they just wanted to talk about the Republican side of the Senate. I don't feel this was a one-sided story, it was just something that was brought to our attention and had to be addressed. They have both played key roles with the state of Texas over the past several years and plan on continuing their services for Texas.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Governor's Mansion

In this article in the Austin American Statesman talks strongly about the governor’s mansion. This old colonial mansion has been in Texas’ history for over 150 years. The mansion was constructed in the early 1850’s. In June 2008 the mansion was set fire by arsonist. The debate that is ongoing is whether or not we should add on to the mansion. This add on would consist of an addition 3,000 square feet of living space. Rick Perry’s wife added that two-thirds of the expansion would be living space. This would be more than enough living space for the average family. "You know the mansion is a wonderful and a very appropriate landmark, and I'm going to leave it up to the Historical Commission to make the right decision about what the final structure will look like," said Perry, sounding like a politician seeking re-election and aware that voters might frown on a governor who grouses about a free house with a title including the word "mansion."
I feel that mansion should be preserved to its original state as it looked like in 1850’s. The expansion of an additional 3,000 sq. ft would just make this mansion look ridiculous. It’s like adding onto the white house because they need more living space. One thing to keep in mind is where is the funding coming from for this expansion? Probably from the tax payers that don’t even want the expansion in the first place. Previous elected officials have lived in this mansion with no concerns about it being too small. I feel that, we the people elected these higher officials to represent our state and they shouldn’t be demanding a larger house because they need more living space. Let’s leave it up to the Texas Historical Commission to decide whether or not it needs an expansion.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guns in the Capitol building

In the Austin Statesman, there is an article on whether or not we should have to pass through a metal detector upon entering the Capitol. I feel that everyone should read this article even if you are not all that into guns. With everything going on in our country, this day of events could have led up to a huge tragedy involving the Texas Legislature. Should Legislature be allowed to carry inside or not? I am thinking about getting the CHL (concealed handgun license) in the near future, but if they don't allow me to carry inside the Capitol building, it's not that big of a deal. There are plenty of other places to carry concealed weapons. Take a look at the article and let me know what you think.